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"Refuging to the Land" embodies the intersection of personal and collective memory, exploring the profound connection between body, land, and identity. At the heart of this work lies the Siah Chador, which represents both a temporary shelter and the nine thousand memories and pains within its moqarnas geometrical forms. This multifaceted emblem carries the weight of my memories and my ancestors' histories to honor resilience.In this performance, I weave together the fragmented memories of my homeland, Iran, with my lived experiences on Turtle Island. The Siah Chador drapes over my shoulders, heavy with the unspoken stories of my ancestors and the silent whispers of the land. As I move through these sacred spaces, I seek not only refuge but a profound healing that transcends the boundaries of time and place.This work is a testament to the enduring quest for belonging and the intricate bond between body and land. It is an act of silent storytelling, where each gesture and pause is a verse in the poetic narrative of diaspora, healing, and the eternal search for home.

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