Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 


"The recognition that tradition bestows is a partial form of identification. In restaging the past it introduces other, incommensurable cultural temporalities into the invention of tradition. This process estranges any immediate access to an originary identity or a 'received' tradition. The borderline engagements of cultural differences may as often be consensual as conflictual; they may confound our definitions of tradition and modernity; realign the customary boundaries between the private and the public, high and low; and challenge normative expectations of development and progress."_ From the Location of Culture, Homi Bhabha

Golvani is a colorful and patterned type of silk fabric that women of Lorestan tie around their heads. My grandmother had one always tied around her head. There was a tradition in the way of tieing it.  I have painted myself using a Golvani in an untraditional way around my neck. Inspired by the above quote by Homi Bhabha, the intention here is to show how the received traditions could get transformed and transform due to displacement and disorientation to create a new identity rooted in the past.