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"Moqarnas and Disoriented Spatial Memories" is a series of prototypes I created to examine the geometrical and spatial allegory characteristics of moqarnas for autobiographical and cultural stories and memories. It uses the moqarnas' facility for conversion and innovation to convey this central idea. Moqarnas is a three-dimensional symmetrical ornamented vaulting system primarily used in Islamic architecture, which creates a smooth decorative transition from the wall to the dome or vault. In Moqarnas, the 2D geometrical patterns are extruded on a vault or dome's surface to subdivide it into niche-like cells to make the transition fluid. I used a moqarnas pattern as a metaphor representing spatial memories of my homeland to express the idea of moving back and forth between order and disorder, the material world and the mental world, the real space and the mind space, to create an imaginary space, reconfiguring my situation in society and developing a sense of belonging.
Prototype 2.jpg
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